GuestFit is the future of hotel wellness

GuestFit is a user-friendly fitness and wellness system designed to keep your guests happy and healthy while traveling.

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The hospitality industry is evolving

Hotels can no longer coast and expect great revenue from simply having the best location. Everything is online, including the reason people want to stay at your hotel.  Your amenities, your value, and your reputation all compete against businesses and platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. The more you show your guests they matter, the more you will matter to them.

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What's Included?

These are the services that are included in the GuestFit program. Each service is crafted with your guest in mind.

Workout of the Day

Guests will be taken to a webpage with a unique, high-intensity bodyweight workout of the day. Our trainers will lead them in a workout tailored to the size and noise constraints of a hotel room.

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Healthy Menus

GuestFit provides menu consultation services designed to offer healthy food options while making the most out of the ingredients already available.

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In-Room Equipment

We have found that in-room exercise equipment options can boost wellness usage rates to more than 60% of your guests. We will add a handful of small yet efficient equipment pieces for each guest throughout their stay.

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Media and Marketing Services

Travelers are turning to websites and social media as a way to inform their travel planning decisions. Let us help you get the word out about your new health and wellness amenities and initiatives so you can attract more guests.

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Running Routes

We will discover some of the best running routes that start and end at your front door. Once we nail down the best routes, we will have a PDF for you to email guests and running route maps to hand out for those who are interested.

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Fun, Healthy Newsletter

As soon as one of your guests sign-up for the GuestFit newsletter we will send them content that is focused on healthy things to do in the area. This could range from local trails, parks, healthy focused restaurants/bars, or local events that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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We understand that most hotels are struggling right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, there is more of a need for virtual wellness now than ever before. That’s why we are offering trial periods of our full-scale services to help you take better care of your guests. Fill out the form to get started.

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