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Our Work

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Beacon of Hope Hospice web design Fitquest web design and development

Hospice Website

Web Design

We designed and built a website for a nationwide hospice company

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Up skybar commercial hotel blackhawk Davenport, Iowa FitQuest brand strategy and marketing

Up Skybar Commercial

Video Production

Social Ads

We attracted new and recurring customers to this luxury rooftop lounge through stunning visuals, enticing storytelling and a targeted social media campaign.

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Abbey Carpet Gallery Interactive Video

Abbey Carpet Gallery

Choose your destiny

Once Bill Daley meets a potential client, he's confident they will choose him. Our interactive website helps him schedule more consultations

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Native Root Coffee interactive video

Native Root Coffee

Choose your destiny

Brand Strategy

Product Design

Web Design

It's hard to choose coffee. Ervin Liz is a coffee expert, and our interactive quiz walks his customer through the matchmaking process.

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Our Process

Brand Strategy

Diving deep to build foundation and clarity…

In order to build a strong, cohesive brand that attracts your ideal client, you must first have a strong brand strategy. During this phase, we will dive deep into the personality and values of your company, create detailed customer profiles, and discover your desired company vibe.

Internal Plan

How do we implement this strategy?…

Now that we have created a solid brand strategy, we must devise a plan to implement it. During this phase, we will build your brand identity, content strategy, customer journey, marketing funnels, UX/UI and creative briefs.


The tangible items that your customers see…

Finally, we will design and develop the tangible assets that your customers will see and interact with. During this phase, we will create assets such as your logo, website, design mockups, app prototype, and content (photo, video, graphic art).

Service Fleet

Identity & Positioning

Your brand is the feeling people get when they see or interact with your company. Following our discovery sessions, we will craft the brand identity that will create that feeling.

Customer Profiles

In order to optimally attract your idea customer, we must first identify who that is. We will explore your current and ideal customers in detail and create user stories.

Logo Design

Your logo should represent your entire company at a glance. We will go through multiple design iterations to discover the perfect logo.

Application Design

Your identity may need to be displayed in the physical world. We will mockup different designs on 3 items of your choice that perfectly represent your brand.


A beautiful, user-friendly website is a necessity in the digital age. Your website will serve as your 24-7 salesperson, your SEO landing zone, and your home base for content creation.

App Prototyping

If you have a big idea for an app, we can get the ball rolling by prototyping it to match your brand. Once we have created the UI/UX for the app, it will be ready for development.

Pitch Deck

Do you need to raise capital? We can create a compelling pitch deck that is sure to communicate your business to investors in the best way possible.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is arguably the most influential way to market your product or service. We will create a manageable “turnkey” social content strategy.

Video Production

Video is the most consumed medium on social media. Creating an awe-inspiring video can be the perfect way to communicate your story to your target audience.

About us

Braden Mosley Ben Hermann Travis Meier skiiing snowboarding FitQuest brand strategy

FitQuest started in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic because we simply couldn't wait any longer. We were on fire, inspired by our passion for creativity, our love of people and world cultures, and our drive to do good in the world. That's why we do what we do today.

We started as three people with a diverse set of skills: marketing, sales, vision, graphic design, website development, photography, videography and social media strategy. With a focus on good and on God, we cherish altruistic businesses who positively affect their community and clientele.

Simply put, FitQuest gives virtuous companies the ability and the tools to triumph over any struggle. Just getting started? Having trouble expanding? Looking to attract more attention? We have the process and the power to evaluate each business's unique weakness and provide the strength to overcome.

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