Healthy Menus

A Guestfit Service

One of the hardest things for travelers to maintain is a healthy diet. Every health-conscious traveler has experienced the struggle of trying to find a healthy meal that will energize them and keep them on track with their fitness goals.

Many of your guests also have strict diets to which they are trying to adhere, like paleo, keto, Mediterranean, vegan and more. It can be especially hard for these guests to find meals that are made for them.

Lucky for you, GuestFit provides menu consultation services designed to offer healthy food options while making the most out of the ingredients already available. Our physiologists know exactly what food has the greatest health benefits and fits into the most popular diets. We will work with hotel chefs and food and beverage managers to create new menu items with practically no extra effort.

An example of a healthy menu addition would we a keto bowl. Anyone who is using the keto diet knows the importance of high fat, low-to-no carb foods. So, we would work with your chef to build a bowl that consists of healthy fats like avocado and olives, high protein foods like chicken or pork, lots of vegetables.

Macro & Calorie Page

Another GuestFit addition to your menus is a page with macronutrient and calorie data for each menu item. Once our physiologists receive the recipes from your head chef, we can crunch the numbers, build out this data sheet, and format it to match the rest of your menu.

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