Workout of the Day

A Guestfit Service

GuestFit provides a Workout Of The Day, accessible on any mobile device with just a couple taps. Guests simply scan a QR code or text a number, and they will be directed to a workout accessible for any fitness level.

The workout

Most of the workouts featured in the workout of the day are bodyweight workouts that will test both your strength and your cardio. They are typically 30 - 35 minutes long from start to finish, including a warmup and a cooldown.

The workouts are performed at a high intensity for a given period of time, followed by short rest breaks. This is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Not only are these workouts designed to be quick and quiet, but they are also extremely effective. Studies show that HIIT training can be the most beneficial training style for building muscle and burning fat in shorter time periods.

The warmups at the beginning of each workout will properly prime the body for the coming spike in heart rate and muscle activity. The finishing cooldown helps flush out lactic acid accumulated from the workout and calms and stretches the muscles to prepare your body for efficient movement throughout the rest of the day and night.

Are they hotel friendly?

Another extremely valuable aspect of the GuestFit workouts is the fact that they are filmed inside a hotel room, so they are programmed with noise control in mind. We choose quiet exercises that do not involve hard floor impacts. We also remind the guests throughout the workout to do the workouts quietly with controlled form.

They are also doable in just about any space, no matter how big or small your room is. Workout by the TV, in between the beds or near the door. As long as you can lay down, you can do these exercises!

Are the workouts updated regularly?

We know how important it is to create fresh content. We are constantly working to film new workouts that will continue to bring value to your guests, no matter how many times they stay at your hotel. We have created a system that automatically pulls workouts from our database, so they never repeat and always give your guests a new workout of the day.

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